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Dalmatian puppy

Posted in The Dog Models Project on July 15, 2007 by mirkawolf

I hoped to get much more dogs photographed these days, especially now that the summer is finally here. However, it happened that my own dog Cira was not doing well and she had to be operated on Thursday 12, 2007. So instead of leaving her and my other dog behind, while running around and photographing other dogs, I have now to devote most of my time making sure, she´s healing well. The photoshoot of dogs for calendars is not stopped, but for the moment it is postponed till further notice.

Few days before Cira´s operation, I was lucky to take a few pictures of this cute Dalmatian puppy 🙂


Working labradors

Posted in The Dog Models Project on July 7, 2007 by mirkawolf

Few days ago I had the fantastic opportunity to photograph a pack of four black labrador retrievers. They were the most lively, active and slim labradors that I have ever seen. They all came from working lines and they are trained for work (retrieving and tracking). And they were very happy, obedient dogs, because they are owned by no one else, than a dog listener Marina Gates Flemming. So if anyone has a problem with his dog and needs help, feel free to contact Marina. See for more info.

Introducing… my cat!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 2, 2007 by mirkawolf

The unseasonably cold, rainy weather makes it virtually impossible to set any appointments, let alone photographing outside. It´s the reason why there has been no new posts with dog photos recently. I am still looking for new dog models, but to photograph them, we have to wait for a real summer to arrive. Meanwhile, meet my cat! 🙂