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Dogs in movement

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This picture is from my summer assignment, I took them for a friend. Both the border collie and the chinese crested dogs are big sportsmen 😉 They get to do agility, flyball, dog-dancing and maybe even other sports, that I might have forgotten. On the picture they are chasing themselves after a toy 🙂


Czech Spotted Dog

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This breed is rare even in Czech Republic, there is indeed not many of these dogs. Their origin is not too cheerfull, they were created by F.Horak in the fifties of 20th century for laboratory use. As a breed it was officially registered in 1960 as Horak´s Laboratory Dog. Luckily enough for the dogs, after 1980 there was no use for them in research anymore and they were given to the public breeding under new name “Czech Spotted Dog”.

Czech Spotted Dog
Czech Spotted Dog of today is middle-sized tricolored dog, with short or rarely long hair. The color combinations are either black-yellow-white or brown-yellow-white. The breed is not officially recognised by FCI. They are excellent family dogs, friendly to both people and animals. They can easily live in the appartement, as well as outside. Czech Spotted Dogs are smart, agile and fast learning dogs.

Note: The dog on the photo is already 12 years old!

Long vacation and more dogs

Posted in Photography on September 10, 2007 by mirkawolf

I haven´t been posting new photos for a while. But that does not mean, that I was not photographing. Because of long-termed troubles of my own dog Cira with her fistula, I stayed for 5 weeks in Czech republic, trying to sort out her problems in the local excellent veterinary clinic. We managed to avoid another operation, and I had plenty of chances to photograph dogs for the calendar 2009 project. Therefore, I can also introduce here some less known Czech dog breeds!

Chodsky pes (Chodsky dog)

This is outside of the country less known Czech breed, not yet officially recognised by FCI. Chodsky dog is middle sized long-haired dog of a shepherd type. It is very active dog, good guardian and excellent sportsman. Chodsky dog is perfect dog for agility, dog-trekking and other sports for active dogs and their masters 🙂 The breed was established in Czech republic in 1985.

The name “Chodsky” comes from ethnical group of people called “Chodove”, who lives in the south-west part of Czech republic and in middle ages had many privilleges from the king. “Chodove” comes from Czech word “chodit – to walk”, because these people were the guardians of the borders of the Czech kingdom and Bavaria. And their companion was a beautifull dog, which was later given standard and established as “chodsky pes”.