Long vacation and more dogs

I haven´t been posting new photos for a while. But that does not mean, that I was not photographing. Because of long-termed troubles of my own dog Cira with her fistula, I stayed for 5 weeks in Czech republic, trying to sort out her problems in the local excellent veterinary clinic. We managed to avoid another operation, and I had plenty of chances to photograph dogs for the calendar 2009 project. Therefore, I can also introduce here some less known Czech dog breeds!

Chodsky pes (Chodsky dog)

This is outside of the country less known Czech breed, not yet officially recognised by FCI. Chodsky dog is middle sized long-haired dog of a shepherd type. It is very active dog, good guardian and excellent sportsman. Chodsky dog is perfect dog for agility, dog-trekking and other sports for active dogs and their masters 🙂 The breed was established in Czech republic in 1985.

The name “Chodsky” comes from ethnical group of people called “Chodove”, who lives in the south-west part of Czech republic and in middle ages had many privilleges from the king. “Chodove” comes from Czech word “chodit – to walk”, because these people were the guardians of the borders of the Czech kingdom and Bavaria. And their companion was a beautifull dog, which was later given standard and established as “chodsky pes”.


10 Responses to “Long vacation and more dogs”

  1. Hi Mirka

    Sorry to hear that you have had ongoing problems with Cira’s health and hopefully she is now on the road to recovery.

    What a beautiful breed of dog, hopefully they will be introduced here in Belgium so that I may have the honour of meeting one someday.

    A big lick from Kouros

    Regards Rosalind

  2. Hi Mirka,

    That’s a very nice dog! I didn’t know the breed…
    It looks a bit like the Old German shepherd.
    No pictures of Great Pyrenees puppies? 🙂



  3. Hi Rosalind, nice to hear from you again. How are you and Kouros doing? 🙂 Cira is doing well, thank you. She´s on her antibiotics and it seems to go well. We´ll see.
    Cheers, Mirka

  4. Hi Liesbeth,
    yes the Chodsky dog looks a bit like old type German Shepherd, but it is also smaller, standard says only 48-56 cm in shoulders.
    Oh and I have dozens of photos of Great Pyrenees puppies, just did not have time yet to work on them! But the pups were totally gorgeous!

  5. I had never heard of this fascinating dog. Are there any breeders of the Chodsky in the U.S.?

    Leonard O’Brian

  6. Dear Leonard,
    unfortunatelly I have no idea, if there are any breeders of these dogs in US. I would believe there might be some dogs imported, but if there is even a breeder, I do not know. It would probably be easier to import one chodsky dog from Czech Republic, the country of origin.

  7. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  8. Anyone who is interested in this breed and don’t speak/read Czech should visit http://www.chodskypes.se. The largest source of information about Chodský Pes in a non-czech language (swedish and english).

  9. I am genuinely happy to glance at this blog posts which contains lots of helpful information, thanks for providing these kinds of data.

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