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The dog calendar 2009 – winners ;)

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Photographing dogs for the calendar 2009 is over. The 52 best images were chosen, the dog winners who maClick to see biggerde it to the calendar are known. The calendars are now in the slow process of being graphically set-up, processed and finally, created. Unfortunatelly, as they are for year 2009, we´ll have to wait a few months for the final result. Here are the images of dogs, who made it to the calendar (click on the image to see bigger size).

Hope you can find there your lucky dog!

Of course, the show is not over. Now we can start photographing dogs for calendars 2010!


Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Calendar

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 As the owner of two Czechoslovakian wolfdogs, I spend a lot of time with my dogs. Walking, playing, training and of course, photographing them. And so it is no surprise, that at the end of the year, there´s hundreds of images stored in the computer. So then I decide to find some use for them, share them with others. I then choose with difficulties the 13 “best” and present them in a calendar.

In the calendar 2008, which comes this year in two sizes (larger A3 size and smaller, square-ish one) are photos not only of my dogs, but also of other Czechoslovakian wolfdogs. I carefully chose images from every part of the year, covering all the four seasons and showing the dogs in various environment. If you are interested in buying one, just visit my storefront and order straight online, without problems.

The image presented here is one of the calendar images.

Tulip Calendars

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There´s now one more calendar of tulip images available for sale. It has few different images than the large version, and as it is smaller in size, it is also cheaper. 😉 You can see (and order) both calendars by clicking here.

The calendars are printed in US, both are good quality and arrive extremelly well packed, no damaging is possible. It usually takes about 10-12 days for the calendar to come to Belgium. Good news: Lulu will send the calendar anywhere!

Smaller calendar