The dog calendar 2009 – winners ;)

Photographing dogs for the calendar 2009 is over. The 52 best images were chosen, the dog winners who maClick to see biggerde it to the calendar are known. The calendars are now in the slow process of being graphically set-up, processed and finally, created. Unfortunatelly, as they are for year 2009, we´ll have to wait a few months for the final result. Here are the images of dogs, who made it to the calendar (click on the image to see bigger size).

Hope you can find there your lucky dog!

Of course, the show is not over. Now we can start photographing dogs for calendars 2010!


3 Responses to “The dog calendar 2009 – winners ;)”

  1. hi i’m spongebob

  2. wow, how do i get myself enrol for this next year ? I am a cute looking shih tzu and i love to join you all in the calender .

  3. Well, if you live in Belgium, somewhere near the center, then we can arrange a meeting and I can photograph your shih-tzu. As I have no shih-tzu photos for next calendar, the chances that yours will make it in the calendar are high.

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