New Season starting

It has been very quiet here recently, but it´s not because I was not doing anything. On the contrary, I´ve been so busy, that I did not have time for updating the news blog. Also, I am recently working on a new, better look for the photography website, with faster loading galleries etc. It takes huge amount of time, so please bear with me a little longer.

However, I need pictures of dogs from all seasons, so I was not laying down relaxing during the Christmas holidays. No, I actually managed to find some victims willing to let me photograph their dogs. In this post, I want to present Czech Mountain dogs. It is Czech national breed, not known very much outside of the country, and its numbers even in Czech republic are small. These dogs are larger than middle sized dogs and they originally served as sledge dogs, but they can also be used as guardians of the house, dog-trekking companions, for canicross or such.


5 Responses to “New Season starting”

  1. I haven’t seen this breed before but I love the rusty coloured coats they have. Beautiful work as always!

  2. Holly Lynn Maglicco Says:

    I have a beautiful Syberian Huskey that I am trying to get photographed by someone. She is a purebred. She is a beautiful light brown and white color with big blue eyes. If you are interested please get back to me. Thank you.
    My e-mail is
    Thank you for your time.

  3. hello my dog is an awsome poser how could he be a model please email me back

  4. I have a beautifle chawawaha and i like somone to photograph him he is brown, and white. He is a male and hes been fixed he has yellow and brown eyes which i think is beautifle. If you are intrested my email is Thank for your time.

  5. We have an adorable pure bred yelllow lab puppy – 3.5 mths. People tell us that she looks like teh Charmin puppies. Please let us know i u are interested

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