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Too many photos, too many dogs, no time…

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I´ve been recently taking hundreds of photos of various dogs (and not only dogs). I will certainly share some of them with you, but to edit such amount of pictures takes time, which is something that I don´t have at the moment. (I am busy going to take some more photos, of course…). I promise to post some photos as soon as I can though.

I also updated the list of dog breeds photographed for the next calendars (see “Pages” on the menu).

I felt this post was boring without picture, so I had to come back and add a photo. This time, not a dog, for a change 🙂

horse on the evening pasture


Sunday with dogs and a hamster

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I was very busy last weeks and I did not have time to be adding posts about my last photosessions. One memorable photo event happened to me in April, when I was invited to Antwerp to photograph 12 different dogs for their owners, and also one little hamster 🙂 That day brought many very nice shots, and I´ve made a little album for those who would like to see a few of them.

Click here to see some of the best pictures.

For the calendar project, I also photographed very nice rhodesian ridgeback of Czech owner Ivona Brynova 🙂

rhodesian ridgeback

rhodesian ridgeback