Slovakian Chuvach

Photographing dogs for means of calendars and postcards is becomming almost routine. Meeting various dogs and their owners does not, it is always fun and I enjoy it greatly. This time I am proudly introducing Slovakian breed of a sheep dog – Slovensky cuvac, or in English – Slovakian Chuvach.
The Tatra Chuvach’s breed characteristics conform in type with those of a mountain dog of firm constitution, impressive appearance and thick white coat.  He has a strong bone, a lively temperament and is vigilant, fearless and alert.  For centuries he has been accustomed to the harsh climate of the Slovakian mountains, especially the Tatra mountains.  His vigilance and alertness helped to give him his name, as the Slovak word “Cuvat” means to hear.
As a good guard, watch dog and companion as well as guide for the shepherds, the Tatra Chuvach has also proved his worth in the guarding of cattle, driving poultry and other domestic animals to pasture, as well as guarding different objects.
He is boundlessly faithful and courageous, always ready to fight off any intruder, be it even bears and wolves.  In order to distinguish him from wild beasts in the night, he is, according to ancient tradition, only bred in white.


4 Responses to “Slovakian Chuvach”

  1. Wow! He looks so much like a Great Pyrenees! Beautiful work as always Mirka!

  2. Great photos. Goodto know about the possibility!

  3. Alison: Yes, they do look a bit like pyrs. But they are just half the size of a pyr 🙂

  4. Elisabeth: thank you 🙂 Cuvac has indeed many possibilities in use, I think they are limited just by their owners 🙂

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