Basenji on snow

This year, we had surprisingly lasting snow here in Brussels. I think it was a record – snow lasting even in the city for a week. Ponds frozen to the point that people could go ice-skate. And what I did? I chased people and their dogs around for getting photos of dogs on snow. And so here they are – little African dogs – on snow 🙂

Basenji are small, elegant-looking, short-haired dogs with erect ears and tightly curled tail. The basenji is an athletic dog and is deceptively powerful for its size. This breed does not slobber or drool, and very rarely pants (as dogs do). The Basenji has the unique properties of not barking (it makes a low, liquid ululation instead) and cleaning itself like a cat. The Basenji is alert, affectionate, energetic, and curious.  It loves to play and makes a great pet, as long as it is handled regularly from an early age and the owners are very patient. It can be reserved with strangers.

Basenji running

Basenji running

Basenji in full flight

Basenji in full flight

Basenji play time!

Basenji play time!


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