About the photographer

I am free-lance journalist and photographer, who has been working for various newspapers and magazines for about eight years. Four years ago I left my home country, Czech Republic, to move in Belgium and join my Spanish boyfriend Jesus, who eventually became my husband. I can be found now in Brussels, where we live together with our two dogs, a cat and various other animals. From the number of my animal companions it is evident, that my passion was always nature and animals of all kinds. From the number of plants in our appartement – well a greenhouse would get handy.. Anyways, animals, plants, nature and travelling are my favorite themes for both articles and photography. Apart from publishing my articles and photographs in various newspapers and magazines, I also succesfully published several calendars. Photographing dogs for calendars was a big part of my work in 2007 and I will devote it a lot of time in the upcomming year as well.

Mirka Rueda Rodriguez


3 Responses to “About the photographer”

  1. Ok, I fixed it. 😉

  2. Wonderful shots! Should you want or need any stars for the future I would love to have you meet Chewy, the Goldendoodle. http://www.thinking-forward.com/chewy/


    Joe Bruzzese

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