Pyrenean Mountain Dog

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I had the opportunity to photograph few pyr puppies, while visiting kennel Dogmania near Plzen, Czech Republic. Pyrs are one of my favorite breeds and as I am strongly hoping to get one in the future, I could not miss to visit these little furballs. Amazingly enough, some of them are still available, so if you are thinking about getting a pyr, here´s your chance!

Great pyrenees puppy

Great pyrenees puppy


Slovakian Chuvach

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Photographing dogs for means of calendars and postcards is becomming almost routine. Meeting various dogs and their owners does not, it is always fun and I enjoy it greatly. This time I am proudly introducing Slovakian breed of a sheep dog – Slovensky cuvac, or in English – Slovakian Chuvach.
The Tatra Chuvach’s breed characteristics conform in type with those of a mountain dog of firm constitution, impressive appearance and thick white coat.  He has a strong bone, a lively temperament and is vigilant, fearless and alert.  For centuries he has been accustomed to the harsh climate of the Slovakian mountains, especially the Tatra mountains.  His vigilance and alertness helped to give him his name, as the Slovak word “Cuvat” means to hear.
As a good guard, watch dog and companion as well as guide for the shepherds, the Tatra Chuvach has also proved his worth in the guarding of cattle, driving poultry and other domestic animals to pasture, as well as guarding different objects.
He is boundlessly faithful and courageous, always ready to fight off any intruder, be it even bears and wolves.  In order to distinguish him from wild beasts in the night, he is, according to ancient tradition, only bred in white.

New season starting – shooting for calendars 2011

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Crazy it might seem, I am already starting to photograph dogs for calendars 2011! Few weeks ago, I finished and sent away photos for calendars 2010, which will be printed in half of 2009 … But all seasons must be in the calendar, and so there is no time for break. Autumn is almost at the end and I am desperately trying to capture some of the colors on the photos.

Two recent pictures – German Shorthaired Pointer and Black Russian Terrier

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer

Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terrier

Dog Calendars for 2010 finished!

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It´s my pleasure to announce, that the works on Dog Calendars for 2010 are finished! At least from my side, now it´s in the hands of the publishers… The contract has been signed, the photos were chosen and the dog winners, that will appear in the calendars are known. Owners of the dogs participating in the calendars will know, for the rest of you, I will introduce the dogs here.

Dogs for 2010

Dogs for 2010

Dog Calendars

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The dog calendars for 2009 are finished and printed. The owners of dogs pictured in them have been contacted by e-mail, the work is done. However … there is still on-going work on calendars for 2010! There is still a few dogs needed, though most of the pictures are already in the bag 🙂 In the dog calendars 2010, some very special breeds will be presented, such as Petite Brabancon, Silken Windhound, Bandog or Entlebucher Cattle Dog. This is one thing I love on the photography of dogs – the sheer variation of dog breeds that I get to meet and photograph 🙂

I have made a small collage of a fraction of pictures, I took recently of the dogs. Enjoy 🙂

Dog collage

Some of the dogs photographed for calendars 2010

Red Bubble

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Because I have been receiving questions about if it is possible to buy some photos from my gallery, I decided finally to register at Red Bubble. This is a site, that allows anyone to display their best photos and offer them for sale. The beauty of Red Bubble comes in the fact, that the image can be purchased in many variations – as a card, a mounted print, canvas print or framed print – pick one. There is so many options, that everyone can choose the best to treat the walls of his house or appartment appropriately.

I have uploaded so far a selection of my favourite flower photos, and will try to be adding more images regularly. If you see an image on this blog or on my website, that you miss in my Red Bubble portfolio, don´t hesitate to let me know.

Too many photos, too many dogs, no time…

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I´ve been recently taking hundreds of photos of various dogs (and not only dogs). I will certainly share some of them with you, but to edit such amount of pictures takes time, which is something that I don´t have at the moment. (I am busy going to take some more photos, of course…). I promise to post some photos as soon as I can though.

I also updated the list of dog breeds photographed for the next calendars (see “Pages” on the menu).

I felt this post was boring without picture, so I had to come back and add a photo. This time, not a dog, for a change 🙂

horse on the evening pasture