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Christmas cards now available

Posted in Photography with tags , , , , , , on November 28, 2009 by mirkawolf

Looking for that special, great Christmas card to send to your loved ones? Or maybe some nice print to decorate someone´s new appartement?  A great canvas print, or maybe a poster?  No need to look further, visit my Red Bubble portfolio and for sure you will find something fancy…

christmas card


Dog Calendars

Posted in Photography, The Dog Models Project with tags , , , , , , on August 30, 2008 by mirkawolf

The dog calendars for 2009 are finished and printed. The owners of dogs pictured in them have been contacted by e-mail, the work is done. However … there is still on-going work on calendars for 2010! There is still a few dogs needed, though most of the pictures are already in the bag 🙂 In the dog calendars 2010, some very special breeds will be presented, such as Petite Brabancon, Silken Windhound, Bandog or Entlebucher Cattle Dog. This is one thing I love on the photography of dogs – the sheer variation of dog breeds that I get to meet and photograph 🙂

I have made a small collage of a fraction of pictures, I took recently of the dogs. Enjoy 🙂

Dog collage

Some of the dogs photographed for calendars 2010

Too many photos, too many dogs, no time…

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I´ve been recently taking hundreds of photos of various dogs (and not only dogs). I will certainly share some of them with you, but to edit such amount of pictures takes time, which is something that I don´t have at the moment. (I am busy going to take some more photos, of course…). I promise to post some photos as soon as I can though.

I also updated the list of dog breeds photographed for the next calendars (see “Pages” on the menu).

I felt this post was boring without picture, so I had to come back and add a photo. This time, not a dog, for a change 🙂

horse on the evening pasture

Crazy Easter

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I don´t recall such cold and snowy Easter for years. One day I was in Huizingen park, photographing some flowers (finally!), next day I photographed dogs on snow. So much for spring photos for the dog calendars – we got winter one´s! On the pictures is labrador retriever Elis and puppy border terrier Biba.

Blue Bell

Labrador retriever

Border terrier puppy

Entlebuch Cattle Dog (Entlebucher Sennenhund)

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The “Entlebucher” is the smallest of the four Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs. He originates from Entlebuch, a valley in the region of the Cantons Lucerne and Bern. It is less popular and less known, than his bigger “brothers”, but neverthless very interesting, smart, lively and great looking dog. Used originally as farm dog, today´s “Entlebucher” can be used as versatile working dog or even family dog. On the picture is “Entlebucher” Fido of owner Helena Zacharova. 🙂

Etlenbucher Sennenhund

Australian Cattle Dogs

Posted in Photography, The Dog Models Project with tags , , , , , , , on February 4, 2008 by mirkawolf

First weekend in February was exceptionally sunny, so it was only appropriate that I got to photograph Australian Cattle Dogs. What a pity, that we could not feel as warm as if in Australia, when on the photo session! My thanks to Nicole Friedenberg for allowing me to photograph her fantastic dogs. 🙂

Australian Cattle Dogs

Sunday with sighthounds

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I´ve been invited to join afternoon walk with sighthounds along the bank of Antwerp canal. The weather was very unpromising, but then in the late afternoon it improved a bit and allowed rather nice photos. On the pictures – greyhound Shiva and barzoi Kouros.

Greyhound Shiva

Barzoi Kouros